Activity Report – January 2018
To avoid biting among the five dogs I have at home, I transferred Zola and Toya to Baan Amphur shelter - keeping Kenj, Johnny and Patty with me. Zola and Toya are doing well at the shelter, now occupying a higher position in the hierarchy.

Asa has been transferred from Wat Ampharam to the shelter to treat her for ongoing skin issues. Nousha has been brought back to Baan Amphur shelter as well. She developed the habit of entering a nearby village. Stella is back at Meow's shelter. She was unhappy in Baan Amphur and lost weight. Unfortunately, she left the shelter but stays around.

I found Adrian, a severely maimed dog, and put him into Meow's shelter. His broken back and limbs cannot be fixed, but Adrian can now enjoy a better life in a safe surrounding.

Mirko, a male dog who lives in Naklua, and Brownie, one of Beppe’s dogs, both developed TVT. They are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The Doxycyclin treatment for all puppies at Baan Amphur shelter has been completed. Mum, one of the mother dogs living in the bush, has been sterilized, as well as two of Yupin's dogs and a dog from the Pinnacle hotel.
Activity Report – December 2017
Nimnim, one of the pups I placed on the waste ground where Beppe feeds dogs, developed coronavirus but recovered after intensive care. Nimnim is back to the waste ground after ten days of quarantine. Norbu and Karim, two of the pups that developed severe abscesses, recovered as well after a couple of weeks.

I took over Meow's Baan Amphur shelter. I just have to pay some rent. That allowed me to take all bush puppies together with Darla, one of the mother dogs, into the shelter. I started a doxycycline treatment for all eight pups. Darla got sterilized. I also took in Elly, the mother of the waste ground pups.  She could not stay with her pups since she was bitten. I completed a doxycycline treatment for the five waste ground pups.

Bonnie, one of the dogs that lived near the temple, developed some skin issues. I took her into the shelter as well to treat her. Hanna and Nadia have been adopted. Nadia, unfortunately, ran away and did not come back. Deng, one of Prajuab's dogs, Goldie and Whitey from the streets, another Deng from the Khao Mai Kaew area, and Latte, one of the dogs in Meow's care, have been sterilized.

We found three mother dogs with pups in the bush area near Baan Amphur shelter. I vaccinated one mother dog and all 21 pups. The remaining two mother dogs could not be grabbed. Two of the pups were suffering from abscesses. I took them home for daily treatment.
Activity Report – November 2017
In the end, Boss couldn't feel at home at Meow's sanctuary and I had to take him back to his old place at Amari beach where he again settled in nicely.

I met Beppe, an 85 year old Italian, who feeds dogs in South Pattaya. He was the one who showed me Salim, the TVT dog, who lived on a waste ground together with a bunch of other dogs Beppe is looking after. Salim received chemotherapy treatment and he recovered well.

Salim's Mother, Malee, has been spayed, as well as Mila from Baan Amphur bush, Ashi, Tara and Pema who are living at Wat Ampharam, Lalei from a Naklua construction site, Yon from Chak Nork reservoir, Alexa staying in a Pong village, and Elly who lived with her five pups in a dirty shack.

We took Elly and her pups to the waste ground where Beppe's dogs are staying and built a shelter for all those dogs. Elly, however, had to be placed into Meow's Baan Amphur shelter, since she has not been accepted by some bitches there. Her five pups fitted in nicely. Elly and her pups have been vaccinated.

Unfortunately. I was told by Meow that she would not be allowed to use Baan Amphur shelter after New Year. A solution has to be found.

Suay and Nom's chemotherapy treatments are complete; Nom had also been castrated. Khiaow and Rudy received fluid treatment. Rudi recovered, but Khiaow ultimately succumbed to her illness and died.

All dogs at Chak Nork reservoir, who are being looked after by Uan, have been vaccinated. One of them that survived distemper is recovering. Three cats living there have been castrated.
Activity Report – October 2017
Boss, a three-legged dog who lives on the beach, found a sponsor who asked me to find a safe place for Boss. Boss is now also staying at Meow's Thepprasit shelter. I'm now working intensively at that shelter to support Meow. I like that place because the dogs are free to roam the adjacent wasteground since it is a shelter without fences. More than one hundred dogs and a couple of cats live there in almost perfect harmony, including 24 of “my” dogs.

Nine of my other dogs are staying at Meow's second shelter which is walled in. I'm feeding and monitoring 18 more dogs at Wat Amparahm in Baan Amphur. Five dogs are living with me. About 30 dogs are currently being monitored living on the streets and on wastelands.

I vaccinated a bunch of puppies and treated some of them against blood parasites. Rudi's mange is under control again, but he developed renal disease. He is being treated at Thepprasit shelter; his condition is stable. Khiaow is also being treated for renal disease. Her prognosis, however, is poor. She is receiving fluid daily. Uro and Frosty have been treated for an abscess; Zola for a bite wound. Nom is receiving chemotherapy after weaning, as well as two dogs from the streets, Salim and Suay. Ihu, Wan Sao, Mala, Yello, Dina, Mila and Kapoon have been spayed/neutered.

Apart from working closely with Meow at her two shelters and monitoring three dozen dogs on the streets and on wastegrounds, I'm trying to help Hope for Strays Foundation to build a shelter for 120 dogs mainly by raising funds to construct and equip the facilities. The shelter is currently home for about thirty dogs and is supposed to be complete at the end of this year.
Activity Report – September 2017
I took Rudi and Patty from Baan Amphur shelter into the house I now live in. Rudi's skin conditions deteriorated and Patty was unhappy. Rudi gets bathed twice a week with Malaseb and gets Ivermectin treatment. His condition improved. His movements, impaired by a broken hip, also improved slightly. Patty is getting along well with Kenji, Johnny, Toya and Zola.

All of the other surviving dogs from the Bang Saray municipality shelter are now either in Meow's Baan Amphur shelter, or at her Thepprasit shelter, or stay at Wat Amparahm. Seventeen dogs are now staying in Baan Amphur; eleven plus 3 newborns are at Thepprasit, and eleven dogs are at Wat Amparahm. Most dogs have been treated with Ivermectin to keep the tick problem in check and to avoid mange and heart worms. Mee and Bobby, dogs I have known for several years and whose caretakers moved up country, are now staying at Thepprasit shelter.
Activity Report – August 2017
Jack's injury turned out to be a tumor. The vets at NPW clinic recommended amputating the leg. I shifted him to Silverlake clinic where the surgery had been carried out. After a full recovery, Jack and Jane have been brought back to the parking lot. Some dogs at Wat Amparahm are suffering from skin conditions. I treated them with a cumin/coconut oil paste. Four cats and a dog at Wat Pong have been sterilized.

Fifteen of my dogs, which I had accommodated at Bang Saray municipality shelter, had been killed by people who entered the shelter. I took all surviving dogs out of the shelter and placed them into a private shelter run by Meow, a woman I support. I took Svetja, a dog which begged me to take her from the municipality shelter, to Meow's Thepprasit shelter where she then gave birth to six puppies. It also turned out that Svetja is suffering from TVT.
Activity report July 2017
At Meow's two sanctuaries I have now six dogs placed: Namtarn and Mom at Baan Amphur sanctuary and Anna, Felix, Tayo and Rudi at Thepprasit sanctuary. Namtarn and Mom are both handicapped. Namtarn lost a hind leg and Mom has a crippled front leg. Felix overcame a severe anemia and Anna suffered temporarily from seizures. She was also bitten by a poisonous snake but recovered well after intensive treatment.

At the same day, Lola, another dog at Meow's care, was bitten by a large centipede. Lola also recovered well after intensive care. Tayo is recovering from a broken hind leg and Rudi from a broken hip. There is no other place for me to accommodate handicapped or recovering dogs than at Meow's places and therefore I support her as good as I can.

The dogs at Bang Saray shelter and at Wat Amparahm are fine. In case of a minor injury can I take one or two of them into the house where I'm living now. Lady and Khao have been staying with me for a week. Lady suffered from an injury at one of her front paws and Khao from a bite wound at her left eye.

Right now there are five dogs permanently staying with me. Kenji, Johnny, Zola, Toya and since recently also Dina. Dina stayed in Bang Saray but disappeared two weeks after I placed her there together with all the other dogs from House Mabprachan. When she appeared again she carried a wire cutting deep into her abdomen. She obviously got caught in a wire trap. A forty centimeter long suture had to be applied to secure the closure of the wound. Dina is now on the way of recovery.

Kenji had to be admitted to NPW clinic as well since he suffered from heavy vomiting and acted lethargic. Kenji has been given fluid intravenously for five days.

Luk Jeab, one of Prajuab's dogs, Avira, Mela and Somlo staying a Wat Amparahm, Cowy and Dart staying at Baan Amphur beach as well as Joo and Ming staying at a village have been spayed. Avira's three pups have been vaccinated as well as three pups at Prajuab's care.

Hiro and Zaina, two dogs from the streets being at risk to be deported to Phutaluang, have been taken to Bang Saray shelter. Jack and Jane, two dogs staying at a North Pattaya parking lot have been blow darted since they were very evasive. Jack suffers from a lengthy injury at his left front leg and Jane contracted TVT. Jack is being treated at NPW clinic and Jane has been admitted to Silverlake clinic. Dodo, a male dog, also suffering from TVT, is being treated at Silverlake clinic as well. He is one of the dogs Meow is feeding in the streets.