Activity Report June 2017
The dogs that I placed on a separate area at Bang Saray municipality shelter settled in well. However, four of them decided to leave the fenced in, but still open, area. The dogs have a large area to roam around and enjoy their freedom. Once a day they get fed by a shelter staff with rice food and dry food.

I go to see these dogs twice a week, as well the dogs at Wat Amparahm and on Baan Amphur Beach. A mother dog with four puppies has been dumped there. All of them are in good condition and are being looked after. Two other young dogs have been dumped at the beach. Newly dumped dogs are having a hard time getting accepted by the established groups. It remains to be seen whether they will stay and whether I can get close to them.

Ivy, a pup from the street, and Deva, a pup from the beach, have been spayed. A number of puppies have been vaccinated. Muen, one of Prajuab's dogs, has been treated in a clinic for severe bite wounds. Tayo, a dog living on the beach, stayed in a clinic for two weeks to treat an open leg fracture. He has been neutered as well. Tayo will stay in a sanctuary for the time being since he is going to be adopted. Khun Chai, one of the dogs in Meow's care, has been poisoned. We were still able to save his life, and he seems to be fine now.
Activity Report March 2017
The appeal against the eviction order had been dismissed. The sub-district administration was giving me time to remove the dogs until end of the month. All my attempts to find a suitable place for the dogs failed. By the end of the month I applied for more time to find some piece of land for the dogs. The administration allowed me to keep the dogs just one week longer.

Finally, my foundation partner Som and I were allowed to place one hundred dogs at the municipality shelter Bang Saray. A one Rai piece of land was assigned to us, which we had to fence in and build shelters for all the dogs.

To keep the numbers of dogs there as low as possible, the ones that could go back to the streets had to go during the month. Kenji was the first one. His wounds had been healed, and I made a last attempt to keep him staying at the Mabprachan 7/11. Panya, who had been treated for a wound on her face, went back to Wat Amparahm; as did Asa, whose skin conditions improved and who was not limping anymore. Toby went back to the temple as well. His skin condition improved. I brought Jorie back to the guards at Thepprasit Road and Josie took back Kylie and Lina Song.

Felix, Anna, Mum and Mae, dogs who currently live in House Mabprachan, have been sterilized, as well as Shima and Nana who just recently appeared at Mabprachan 7/11. Mika, a dog staying at a parking lot, has also been spayed.  Also spayed were Dam, one of the bitches in Prajuab's care and Dia, a dog from a market place.

I had to take Lilly in, a dog from Wat Amparahm beach. Lilly was severely anemic. After two weeks of treatment her condition improved remarkably. By the end of the month, I had to take in Kenji again. He was suffering from multiple bite wounds and needed daily wound dressing. He obviously cannot go back to his place at Mabprachan 7/11. Zola also suffered from a bite wound which had to be stitched up. It turned out that Al, the dog with the broken hip, had been infected with distemper before he suffered the accident, and he did not survive that horrible disease.
Activity Report February 2017
Kenji's neck wound is nasty and required a daily wound dressing. The TVT bitch, who I call Iang, is being treated for anemia. Rocky's chemo therapy treatment has been completed. He is suffering from a large burn on his neck, which is healing without treatment.

A bitch from a resort in Jomtien, a bitch from Naklua slum, a bitch living at a bus parking lot in Central Pattaya, a bitch staying at Amari Hotel, and another one from a village near Highway 36, have been spayed.

I took Asa in to treat her skin problems and to give her time to recover from a leg injury. I had to take Dina back. The new owner could not cope with her energy level. The six cats that have been sterilized a couple of weeks ago have been vaccinated for the first time.

A puppy named Yuri has been hit by a car and suffered from a spine injury. I took him in to give him a chance to recover, and he is doing quite well. Another dog, Al, a big male who is already quite old, has been hit by a car. The x-ray revealed a complicated hip fracture. Surgery was not an option, so I took Al in.  He will hopefully recover in a couple of weeks, if not months.

I received an eviction order from the sub-district administration, to which I lodged an objection against. If the majority of the dogs have to be removed, they are doomed and all my effort was in vain.
Activity report January 2017
Rudi developed a swelling at his rip cage. I took him in and treated him for a week. Rudi is now back to his place at Best Supermarket. Samlee and Kenny are also back to their places. Samlee’s hip fracture healed up and she can move freely again. Kenny completed a Doxycycline treatment. He can also move freely on his three legs.

Toby is now being treated for his skin problems after a one month with Doxycycline treatment. His condition improved. Zhenya’s condition also improved. He is suffering from Demodex mange and receives a treatment with Ivermectin and Malaseb. Nina developed a cherry eye which requires regular cleaning. Yana recovered fully from a bowel inflammation and gained back her full weight. Unfortunately, Yoshi passed away. His condition deteriorated and he died after suffering a seizure.

Dia, Daen und Boonma, three of Prajuab’s dogs, have been spayed. Now are all bitches under his care spayed. It goes without saying that will change very soon since dogs are being dumped at the reservoir frequently. Sally and Hudiao, two dogs from different 7/11 stores, have been spayed as well as two other dogs from the streets and one dog from a waste ground. A tourist made me aware of a TVT bitch. She has been treated and another bitch staying with her has been spayed. Kenji, a dog from a 7/11, whom I treated already three times for bite wounds, was severely bitten again. This time he needed surgery to close the wounds. Kenji stays now at House Mabprachan for the time being.
Activity Report December 2016
Dae has been released from his ordeal being caged for six weeks. His huge wound healed well and he is now back to his place to recover. He is doing well.

Coco, one of Prajuab's puppies, has been adopted joining Lulu who was adopted two months ago. Danny and Dina, Mae's two pups from the Pinnacle Hotel, found a new home too. Mae remains in House Mabprachan for the time being.

Hop's chemotherapy treatment has been completed and Hop recovered well. Kenny's amputation wound healed well and he recovers in House Mabprachan, currently being treated against blood parasites. Samlee's recovery also made good progress. She is still limping but can move around quite freely. We finally found an antibiotic that is obviously tackling Yana's bowel inflammation well. She is now gaining weight again.

Jade, a dog from the street has, been spayed. Roscoe, a male dog from the temple beach, has been treated for TVT and recovered fully. I found Yoshi in the big temple area limping. He was diagnosed with a ligament rupture which had to be surgically fixed. Yoshi recovers now in House Mabprachan. Toby is also back to House Mabprachan. His skin problems are still persisting. I'm treating him for blood parasites and will consult a Bangkok dermatologist to get a treatment plan.

Three owners‘ dogs have been dumped at the temple beach. Dana and Rani have been spayed already and Rani has been successfully adopted. We were able to catch Jule, the third one, a week after her sister Dana. Fishermen asked me to take in Johnny, a two months old puppy. Dana, Jule and Johnny are currently staying at House Mabprachan.
Activity Report November 2016
Patty, who has been adopted together with Lulu, is back. She became aggressive to visitors of her new owners since she obviously missed the pack at House Mabprachan. Also, Felix adopted for a week, is back. He became aggressive against another dog in his new home. Patty and Felix are happy to be re-united with the dogs they are used to living with.

Tommy, Ilya, Yuri, Sasha and Zhenya have been neutered; and Toya and Zola have been spayed. All seven dogs live at House Mabprachan.

Yana seems to suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. Even though she eats quite normally, she is becoming increasingly emaciated. Several food changes didn't help. Exploratory surgery must be considered if the condition cannot be treated conservatively.

All eight kittens that are in one of my helpers care have been sterilized. Unfortunately, they became infected by distemper and three of them already died.

Khaofang's pup, who was hit by a car and suffered from traumatic brain injury, recovered quite nicely. Samlee is also recovering from a broken hipbone. But she is still limping quite badly.

Kenny's left front leg has been amputated. He dragged his broken with every step. This resulted in a constantly inflamed paw. Kenny recovers now at House Mabprachan.

Hop, a street dog being looked after by a friend, has been treated for TVT. Since surgery was not necessary, three chemotherapy treatments were sufficient to eradicate the tumor.

Randy, a dog with severe TVT who required surgery two times and several chemotherapy treatments to overcome the cancer, was unfortunately bitten to death in House Mabprachan while I was away.

Mae, a dog living on a hotel ground and whose puppies Toya and Zola are already at House Mabprachan, gave birth again to two puppies. Since Mae belongs to our extended family, I took in her and her two puppies, Danny and Dina.

Dae, the dog who became wedged under a running car, is still in intensive care. His recovery process is ongoing and will take another two weeks before he can be discharged.
Activity Report October 2016
Emma's tibia crack has been healed. Rocky's TVT treatment has been completed and he is back to the beach. Randy's TVT treatment is ongoing. He had to undergo a second surgical procedure to remove remainders of the tumor which did not recede after four chemotherapeutical treatments. I took him in to give him a chance of full recovery.

Fritzi's TVT treatment is complete as well. Silver's mange treatment is also complete and she is back to her place at Thepprasit Road. I also took Toby back to the beach. He has been attacked by a couple of dogs and is better off teaming up with his brother Rocky. I'll take him back as soon as I have a treatment plan for him.

A friend asked me to take three dogs into South Pattaya Clinic. A male dog had been hit by a motorbike and two bitches had to be spayed. It turned out that the male dog could be released after a couple of days since he just suffered from bruises and road burns. The bitches are also back to their places.

Nina is suffering from an injury of her right eye ball caused by fighting. Her eye have to be cleaned several times a day. Namtarn fitted in very well although she prefers to stay on her own. The tick problem has been solved owed to a generous donation of Bravecto.

Samlee, a bitch which had been spayed recently had been hit by a car. The x-ray showed a hipbone fracture. Since surgery is not an option I took her in to give her time for recovery in a safe environment. The healing process can take weeks if not months.

Maisha died. She obviously came into contact with a poisonous toad. Maisha's condition deteriorated and she succumbed after three days of clinic treatment. Snowy was bitten by a snake into her tail. The snake was not poisonous though and the wound healed after one week of treatment at home.

One of Khaofang's pups had been hit by a motorbike. He suffered from a traumatic brain injury. After a week long treatment he had been reunited with Khaofang and siblings. Whether he will recover completely remains to be seen.

Sammy and Lulu, the two owner's dogs I found dumped at Wat Amparahm have been adopted by friends. Candy could not stay at a construction site any longer so I took her in. She has been at House Mabprachan before for treatment after an accident and fitted in well.

I found another owner's dog dumped at Wat Amparahm and took him in. I was told that Tommy's owner died and the bereaved left him in the temple. I'll try to find a new home for Tommy.

At Highway 36 we found a dog with a maimed and severely infected front paw. We took Kenny to Silverlake clinic. Dr. Kwanchai is going to amputate his leg as soon as Kenny's general condition has been improved.

Zhenya's condition deteriorated. In addition to Ivermectin I also treat him with Cephalexin and Itraconazole against bacterial and fungal infection. Yaya is on Cephalexin and Itraconazole as well. His skin condition improved slightly.

Dae, a dog being looked after by the maid of a friend was hit by a car. Dae obviously got wedged under the car and dragged along for a few meters. The accident left Dae with a large abrasion on his left hint leg. Dae is in intensive care. For how long the healing process will take remains to be seen.