Activity Report – November 2018
Our sterilization project entered the fourth month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 123 cases. The number of dogs being sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 797 at the end of the month.

At the end of the month, the Takhientia shelter was fully operating. All dogs, except for few, had been relocated from Thepprasit shelter. The 25 dogs from Baan Amphur shelter were relocated to Takhienta shelter as well. I handed over the shelter to Dr. Kwanchai who is it now operating with the help of Khun Bua, my former caretaker of the shelter. Almost all the dogs, which I have been keeping in House Nongkraborg, are also now living at Takhientia shelter. Altogether about 130 dogs are now sharing that place. Next month I'll have the exact number available after having entered the data of all dogs into the database. Unfortunately, four of the dogs I took to Takhientia disappeared as soon as they were released out of their cages.

The whole area of 11 Rai (17,600 sqm) is now fenced in.  A 500 meter long power connection has been established; water still has to be delivered by a tanker truck. The main structure of a 102 sq. meter dog house has been almost completed. It will mainly be used as rain and sun shelter. However, a part of the facility is going to serve as a treatment room, as a quarantine station, and as a relaxation room as soon as funds are available to realize that vision.

I took in Felix and Tommy. Felix is suffering from conjunctivitis and requires treatment three times a day and Tommy has been hit by a motorbike. He suffers from a bone splintering at his left hind leg and from a damaged radial nerve at his left shoulder. He cannot stand up and probably requires treatment for a couple of weeks.
Activity Report – October 2018
Our sterilization project entered the third month of operation and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations by 151 cases. The number of dogs being sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 574 at the end of the month.

Meow continued to prepare Takhientia shelter moving cages and makeshift rain shelters from her Thepprasit shelter to the new place. A decent, spacious dog house has to be built. Money to do that is not available and has to be raised.

Meow relocated more than 50 dogs from Thepprasit shelter during the whole month of October. They fitted in quite nicely because the setting is similar to the one they were used to living in. A makeshift fence made out of corrugated iron sheets was built to separate the shelter area from a small road along the shelter.

Several pups have been dumped at the shelter. Meow took them all into her care. Some of them didn't survive because of distemper infection. The other ones have been vaccinated together with dozens more dogs that needed booster shots.

I had to take two puppies into House Nongkraborg. Their mother and their two siblings died at a hotel area. They still had to be bottle-fed for the first couple of days, but adjusted after a week. The adult dogs in the house accepted them.
Activity Report – September 2018
Our sterilization project entered the second month operating and surpassed the monthly target of 100 sterilizations again by 65 cases. The number of dogs being sterilized and brought back to their habitat reached 323 at the end of the month.

Meow's open shelter, where I'm keeping 15 dogs, has to move. Meow found an eleven Rai piece of land in Takhientia located 30 km away from Pattaya city center right in the middle of nowhere. She can lease the land for ten years at a yearly fee of just 15,000 Baht. Meow is now preparing the land to keep more than 200 dogs and a couple of cats. Fifty dogs have already been re-located, and we hope that Meow can move all her dogs to the new shelter until end of the year. If the place is prepared to accommodate up to 200 dogs, I'll close my Baan Amphur shelter and move the 23 dogs I'm keeping there to their new home as well.

This month I had to take another six dogs to Silverlake clinic for extensive treatment. Three of them suffered from TVT, one from a tumor on her front leg, one whose tail got cut off with a machete and one with a large throat swelling. All nine pups I'm currently keeping with me at House Nongkraborg have been spayed or neutered.

I took another dog in: Tara was thrown out of a car in front of a restaurant whose owner knows me. Tara is a big, beautiful and healthy female. She just suffered from a nasty wound on her left hind leg paw and was limping. Tara is now recovering and I'll keep her for the time being at my house.

Myra left. I couldn't keep her any longer since the pups chased her frequently through the garden. I took her to Meow's open shelter. Unfortunately, she got infected by distemper while she was away for a couple of days. She died while being treated.
Activity Report – August 2018
Beginning this month, Soi Dog Foundation agreed to finance the sterilization of a hundred bitches and pups each month. I created the “Soi Dog Sterilization Project” member group which is being used as a platform for its members to exchange information and advice. Several of its members contributed to the project by delivering bitches and pups to Dr. Kwanchai's two clinics. The August target had already been met on the 20th of this month. At the end of the month, 158 dogs could go back to their places sterilized.

I took in three dogs: Asa, from Wat Ampahram (she is once again suffering from skin infections); Goro, from Mabprachan 7/11 (to be treated for blood parasites); and, Bliss (who had been attacked by a bunch of dogs on a waste ground).

Karim, who was already two months at House Nongkraborg for treatment, got attacked by a couple of dogs while I was out and died. Tawn, the second paralyzed dog who lived with us, has been taken in by a friend who is already looking after three other handicapped dogs.

Three TVT dogs and two dogs with nasty head wounds are currently being treated at Silverlake Clinic. All these dogs have been found while rounding up dogs to be sterilized.
Activity Report – July 2018
All nine pups, as well as Sonya, Karim, Kimi, Tawn, Shorty and Daisy completed their Doxycycline/Ferric treatment. Sonya recovered from her hip fracture and was able to go back to her place at Chak Nork Reservoir. Kimi, Shorty and Kami, whose tail injury has been healed up, went back to Baan Amphur shelter.

Tommy has been relocated to Meow's sanctuary. He fitted in there well. Eera went back to his place in Naklua slum after a second chemotherapy treatment. When I went to the slum to pick him up for the third treatment, people told me that he died two days ago.

I took Reza into House Nongkraborg since he was ailing in Baan Amphur. A blood test didn't show any abnormalities. He recovered slightly but was then attacked. He died two days after the attack. Khao did not recover from her broken leg. The fracture didn't heal properly. Since nothing more could be done, and she can walk freely on three legs, I took her back to her place where she is being looked after.
Activity Report – June 2018
Tayo, who stayed with me for almost a year, has been adopted and now lives in Germany. He has been settling in well, since he knows his new owner who visited him two times in Pattaya. Taco is back to Wat Amparahm. He finally found his place there together with Luna.

Myra's cancer treatment had been completed. She now lives in House Nongkraborg. However, she is neither trusting me nor the dogs that live with her. Khao, also, now lives with us. She settled in much better than Myra, but is still not using her broken leg. Tommy's hind leg fracture healed, and he uses his leg quite naturally.

Boss unfortunately died. He was attacked, and despite not suffering any visible injuries, he passed away a day after that incident. Elsie, one of the pups whose mother had been run over by a bus, also died. She presumably succumbed to blood parasites. To avoid another fatality, I started a Doxycycline/Ferric treatment for the remaining nine pups.

Sonya, a young bitch I look after on a waste ground, suffered a hip fracture. I took her into House Nongkraborg where she is recovering without any further treatment. I also took Daisy in. She lived in Wat Huay Yai together with Erin, Kate and Ronan, who all disappeared from the temple. I found Erin and Kate in the city's deportation camp. Ronan arrived there already dead. Erin and Kate are now staying in Baan Amphur shelter.

I took in Kami, Karim and Kimi, too. They are all living in the shelter. Kami suffers from a nasty wound on her tail that requires a daily wound dressing, Kimi and Karim are being treated for blood parasites. Tawn is another new intake. He suffered from a spinal cord fracture while living on the street and is now paralyzed. Eera, a dog living in a slum area, developed a huge lump on his throat. A salivary gland had to be removed. Eera is also suffering from TVT. He will undergo chemotherapy treatment as soon as he recovers from surgery.
Activity Report – May 2018
Khao had surgery on her broken leg and is recovering in my house. However, she developed a bed sore on the healthy leg and has only made minimal recovery progress.

My main task this month was to organize the sterilization of some of the dogs. The following dogs have been sterilized: Erin and Kate from Wat Huay Yai; the male pups Nimnim, Puschel, Shorty, Karim, Norbu and Reza; the female pups Hala, Girly, Suki, Amara, Kami, Kimi and Roshi (all staying in Baan Amphur shelter); as well as Namtarn, who stays at Meow's sanctuary.

Rambo, who stayed at the Baan Amphur shelter, was bitten by a poisonous snake and died. Nero’s TVT treatment is complete; but Aisha died a couple of days before her last chemotherapy treatment (reasons unknown). Myra’s TVT treatment is ongoing. Tommy suffered a broken hind leg and has to wear a cast for one month. Taco, who contrary to my hopes, didn’t settle in well into Wat Amparahm, got bitten and stayed at Silverlake clinic for ten days.

I had to take in two more six-week-old puppies. They have been dumped at a waste ground. After a couple of days, they joined the group of eight puppies I had already taken in.

I also had to take in Zola and Shorty, who were both bitten in Baan Amphur shelter. Their wounds healed after a two-week treatment. Pinky’s Doxycycline treatment has been completed and then went back to Meow’s sanctuary. Hala went back to her place on the street, and Alana is now back on the beach again.

I still deliver dry food, cat food and rice to provide Thai people who are feeding dogs and cats in Naklua, Nongprue, Thepprasit and Baan Amphur on a monthly basis.