Activity Report – July 2018
All nine pups, as well as Sonya, Karim, Kimi, Tawn, Shorty and Daisy completed their Doxycycline/Ferric treatment. Sonya recovered from her hip fracture and was able to go back to her place at Chak Nork Reservoir. Kimi, Shorty and Kami, whose tail injury has been healed up, went back to Baan Amphur shelter.

Tommy has been relocated to Meow's sanctuary. He fitted in there well. Eera went back to his place in Naklua slum after a second chemotherapy treatment. When I went to the slum to pick him up for the third treatment, people told me that he died two days ago.

I took Reza into House Nongkraborg since he was ailing in Baan Amphur. A blood test didn't show any abnormalities. He recovered slightly but was then attacked. He died two days after the attack. Khao did not recover from her broken leg. The fracture didn't heal properly. Since nothing more could be done, and she can walk freely on three legs, I took her back to her place where she is being looked after.
Activity Report – June 2018
Tayo, who stayed with me for almost a year, has been adopted and now lives in Germany. He has been settling in well, since he knows his new owner who visited him two times in Pattaya. Taco is back to Wat Amparahm. He finally found his place there together with Luna.

Myra's cancer treatment had been completed. She now lives in House Nongkraborg. However, she is neither trusting me nor the dogs that live with her. Khao, also, now lives with us. She settled in much better than Myra, but is still not using her broken leg. Tommy's hind leg fracture healed, and he uses his leg quite naturally.

Boss unfortunately died. He was attacked, and despite not suffering any visible injuries, he passed away a day after that incident. Elsie, one of the pups whose mother had been run over by a bus, also died. She presumably succumbed to blood parasites. To avoid another fatality, I started a Doxycycline/Ferric treatment for the remaining nine pups.

Sonya, a young bitch I look after on a waste ground, suffered a hip fracture. I took her into House Nongkraborg where she is recovering without any further treatment. I also took Daisy in. She lived in Wat Huay Yai together with Erin, Kate and Ronan, who all disappeared from the temple. I found Erin and Kate in the city's deportation camp. Ronan arrived there already dead. Erin and Kate are now staying in Baan Amphur shelter.

I took in Kami, Karim and Kimi, too. They are all living in the shelter. Kami suffers from a nasty wound on her tail that requires a daily wound dressing, Kimi and Karim are being treated for blood parasites. Tawn is another new intake. He suffered from a spinal cord fracture while living on the street and is now paralyzed. Eera, a dog living in a slum area, developed a huge lump on his throat. A salivary gland had to be removed. Eera is also suffering from TVT. He will undergo chemotherapy treatment as soon as he recovers from surgery.
Activity Report – May 2018
Khao had surgery on her broken leg and is recovering in my house. However, she developed a bed sore on the healthy leg and has only made minimal recovery progress.

My main task this month was to organize the sterilization of some of the dogs. The following dogs have been sterilized: Erin and Kate from Wat Huay Yai; the male pups Nimnim, Puschel, Shorty, Karim, Norbu and Reza; the female pups Hala, Girly, Suki, Amara, Kami, Kimi and Roshi (all staying in Baan Amphur shelter); as well as Namtarn, who stays at Meow's sanctuary.

Rambo, who stayed at the Baan Amphur shelter, was bitten by a poisonous snake and died. Nero’s TVT treatment is complete; but Aisha died a couple of days before her last chemotherapy treatment (reasons unknown). Myra’s TVT treatment is ongoing. Tommy suffered a broken hind leg and has to wear a cast for one month. Taco, who contrary to my hopes, didn’t settle in well into Wat Amparahm, got bitten and stayed at Silverlake clinic for ten days.

I had to take in two more six-week-old puppies. They have been dumped at a waste ground. After a couple of days, they joined the group of eight puppies I had already taken in.

I also had to take in Zola and Shorty, who were both bitten in Baan Amphur shelter. Their wounds healed after a two-week treatment. Pinky’s Doxycycline treatment has been completed and then went back to Meow’s sanctuary. Hala went back to her place on the street, and Alana is now back on the beach again.

I still deliver dry food, cat food and rice to provide Thai people who are feeding dogs and cats in Naklua, Nongprue, Thepprasit and Baan Amphur on a monthly basis.
Activity Report – April 2018
Cho, who was suffering from nose cancer, could be completely cured after four chemo therapy treatments. English tourists asked me to take a look at Cocker Spaniel that was obviously dumped at a local temple. The dog were suffering from severe bacterial skin infections. I treated Daisy for one month with Cephalexin and Itraconazole which resulted in a distinctive improvement of her condition.

Another English tourist asked me to look after a pregnant dog. After Martha had given birth, I intended to take her and her pups into Baan Amphur shelter. Unfortunately, Martha was run over by a bus the day we were trying to take her and her babies in. I was therefore forced to take the eight orphans into my house to bottle feed them. All eight of them survived and are thriving.

Taco, Luna and Yumi, three dogs I picked up at the age of two months and who were pretty comfortably living in front of a grocery shop for four years, had to be removed. I took them into Baan Amphur shelter. Since Luna and Taco are fairly big and were a bit aggressive towards the other shelter dogs, I relocated them into Wat Amparahm where they are settling in well.

I had to take in Rudi, Isi and Felix, who were staying at Meow's sanctuary. Rudi was suffering from liver and kidney issues; Isi suddenly lost weight and Felix left the open shelter frequently. Since several of Meow's dogs had been poisoned recently, Meow feared that Felix would be the next one to be killed. Rudi died a few days after I took him in; also, Isi died in my house.

Pinky and Kenji completed a Doxycycline and Ferric treatment. Pinky went back to Meow's sanctuary. Sushi, Nelly, Nero and Willie who are now living at Wat Amparahm and Namtarn from Meow's sanctuary, have all been sterilized.

Residents made me aware of a dog that was hit by a car. It turned out that I know Khao who I sterilized a year ago. Khao broke her left hind leg and needed correction surgery. Additionally, I could finally catch a bitch with a monstrous TVT tumor. She is now receiving long term treatment including surgery.
Activity Report – March 2018
Brownie's and Bandit's chemotherapy treatment has been completed. Bandit has been brought back to his place and Brownie stayed with Beppe, who raised him. Brownie unfortunately didn't recover and died after two weeks. The metastases probably damaged his brain stem because he couldn't control his movement anymore. One of Prajuab's dogs started a chemotherapy treatment. Cho is suffering from nose cancer. The daily wound dressing for Adrian and Hala could be finalized. Their wounds are now healing naturally.

A double door system has been built for my small shelter in Baan Amphur where I currently accommodate 26 dogs. I set up three roofed cages which the dogs use as rain and sun shelter. Snowwhite and Maimai went back to Meow's shelter. In return, I took in Biaow and her two pups, Lina and Nura.

Thailand seems to have a new rabies problem. Dogs in so called red zones are being rounded up and purportedly quarantined. I took in Boss and Alana who are living exposed on Pattaya city beach, and vaccinated two other beach dogs. I vaccinated about fifty more dogs on the streets and in a temple area, and provided them with collars and tags.

I also took in Pinky, who is staying with Meow, to treat her anemia, Rocky from Wat Amparahm beach to treat him for liver insufficiency, and Rudi who also stays at Meow's shelter, to treat conjunctivitis. Rockys's brother, Toby, unfortunately died of acute renal failure.
Activity Report – February 2018
Stella found a new home. A Swiss couple who already took in a street dog adopted her and Stella fitted in perfectly.

Mirko's chemo therapy treatment has been completed and Brownie's treatment is ongoing. It seems that metastases severely impaired his vision. He is being treated with eye drops. Bandit, another male dog undergoes chemo therapy treatment too. Puschel, one of the puppies staying at a construction site cut his front leg and required stitches. Tayo completed a hydrotherapy treatment.

I took in Adrian, Tommy and Hala. Tommy is an orphan puppy who suffered from intestinal obstruction. He is on his way to recovery after several treatments. Adrian, the paralyzed dog, is suffering from abrasions on his crippled hind legs and needs daily wound dressing. Adrian is now receiving fluid every second day to support his kidneys. Hala, another orphan pup, developed a huge abscess on her neck and suffered from a couple of other wounds. She also needed daily wound dressing.

City Hall was threatening to remove all dogs from a construction site near a new built high rise condominium. I took in five puppies to Baan Amphur shelter and five adult dogs are now staying at Wat Amparahm, joining a bunch of dogs I already accommodate there.

Lena joined Kenji, Johnny, Patty and Adrian and is now also staying with me. She developed the habit chasing chicken in Meow's neighborhood. Meow also asked me to take Snowwhite and Maimai temporarily into Baan Amphur Shelter. Maimai chased motorcycles and Snowwhite was too often absent.
Activity Report – January 2018
To avoid biting among the five dogs I have at home, I transferred Zola and Toya to Baan Amphur shelter - keeping Kenj, Johnny and Patty with me. Zola and Toya are doing well at the shelter, now occupying a higher position in the hierarchy.

Asa has been transferred from Wat Ampharam to the shelter to treat her for ongoing skin issues. Nousha has been brought back to Baan Amphur shelter as well. She developed the habit of entering a nearby village. Stella is back at Meow's shelter. She was unhappy in Baan Amphur and lost weight. Unfortunately, she left the shelter but stays around.

I found Adrian, a severely maimed dog, and put him into Meow's shelter. His broken back and limbs cannot be fixed, but Adrian can now enjoy a better life in a safe surrounding.

Mirko, a male dog who lives in Naklua, and Brownie, one of Beppe’s dogs, both developed TVT. They are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. The Doxycyclin treatment for all puppies at Baan Amphur shelter has been completed. Mum, one of the mother dogs living in the bush, has been sterilized, as well as two of Yupin's dogs and a dog from the Pinnacle hotel.